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CAN Cancer was established by Gil, Stu and Corinne Martinez of Wilderness Garbage in cooperation with the Central Oregon Haulers, a group of garbage and trash haulers. The group raises money through its annual CAN Cancer donation program and various other fundraisers. There are no administrative or operating costs, and 100 percent of all funds raised go directly to Central Oregon families of cancer patients. The money is to be used for the non-medical, incidental expenses associated with cancer treatment.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

'You do what you have to do': Family from Hawaii moves to Oregon to support teen with cancer

Lexi Spence, 15, right, and her sister Angelina, 12, communicate with their sister Danielle, 10, through a glass window at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.
Lexi Spence, her mom and two younger sisters were the first to pull up stakes in Hawaii and move to Oregon in November after 15-year-old Lexi was diagnosed with a fast-moving blood cancer.
Then came Lexi's college freshman brother.
Now the entire family lives in Portland as Lexi recovers from a January bone marrow transplant. Everyone except Lexi's dad, who practically lives here, visiting for 5-to-10 days at a time, all his job as plant manager of a water-bottling company back in Hawaii will allow.
Relocating to deal with a family member's cancer is a choice many families have to make. To read the story of a Hawaiian family that relocated to Portland , click here.

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