What is CAN Cancer?

CAN Cancer was established by Gil, Stu and Corinne Martinez of Wilderness Garbage in cooperation with the Central Oregon Haulers, a group of garbage and trash haulers. The group raises money through its annual CAN Cancer donation program and various other fundraisers. There are no administrative or operating costs, and 100 percent of all funds raised go directly to Central Oregon families of cancer patients. The money is to be used for the non-medical, incidental expenses associated with cancer treatment.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lincoln County Starts CAN Cancer Program

Cancer patients fight for their lives, a struggle that can drain a person’s spirit, as well as their bank account.

For patients in Lincoln County, the garbage haulers and hospital foundations want to make that fight a little less stressful by providing need-based grants of up to $250 per year for expenses not related to treatment.

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